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Mutate the Inherited Widget

This video was last updated on Sep 22 2022

While the Inherited Widget is able to manage state it requires some work to manage mutable state. Learn how to combine a Stateful Widget with an Inherited Widget to create mutable state.


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In the last episode, you implemented an inherited widget. You saw how it easy it was to access the widget in the widget tree and read from it. But unfortunately, you can’t change a value. Inherited widget’s are immutable. Mind you, can access objects in an inherited that can mutate their own internal state, but you can’t change that object.

class PillarStatefulWidget extends StatefulWidget {
  const PillarStatefulWidget(
      {required this.pillarData, required this.child, Key? key})
      : super(key: key);

  final Widget child;
  final Pillar pillarData;
get articleCount => widget.pillarData.articleCount;
get imageName => widget.pillarData.type.imageName;
void increaseArticleCount({ int by = 1 }) {
    setState(() {
        widget.pillarData.increaseArticleCount(by: by);
final PillarState state;
final int articleCount;
  const PillarInheritedWidget(
      {required this.articleCount,
      required this.state,
      required super.child});
static PillarState of(BuildContext context) {
    final PillarInheritedWidget? result =
    assert(result != null, 'No PillarWidget found in context');
    return result!.state;
  bool updateShouldNotify(PillarInheritedWidget oldWidget) {
    return !(oldWidget.articleCount == articleCount);
Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return PillarInheritedWidget(
        articleCount: widget.pillarData.articleCount,
        state: this,
        child: widget.child,
body: PillarStatefulWidget(
    pillarData: pillarData,
    child: const TutorialsPage(),
final pillar = PillarInheritedWidget.of(context);
'Total Tutorials: ${pillar.articleCount}',
final pillar = PillarInheritedWidget.of(context);
    onTap: () {
    child: Image.asset('assets/images/${pillar.imageName}',
        width: 110, height: 110),
    child: Text(pillar.articleCount.toString()),