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Meet the Inherited Widget

This video was last updated on Sep 22 2022

Learn about the Inherited Widget - Flutter’s main component for managing state in an app. While using the Inherited Widget is relatively straight forward, there are some things to consider.


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So you’ve learned about the various state management tools included with Flutter but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the biggest built included with Flutter: the inherited widget.

class Pillar {
  var _articleCount = 0;
  int get articleCount => _articleCount;
  var active = true;
  final PillarType type;

  Pillar({required this.type, int articleCount = 10}) {
    _articleCount = articleCount;

  void increaseArticleCount({int by = 1}) {
    _articleCount += by;
body: TutorialsPage(pillar: pillarData),
import 'package:flutter/material.dart';
import '../models/pillar.dart';
class PillarWidget extends InheritedWidget {

final Pillar pillarData;
const PillarWidget(
      {required this.pillarData, super.key, required super.child});
static PillarWidget of(BuildContext context) {
    final PillarWidget? result =
    assert(result != null, 'No PillarWidget found in context');
    return result!;
bool updateShouldNotify(PillarWidget oldWidget) {
    return (oldWidget.pillarData.articleCount == pillarData.articleCount);
import 'state/pillar_widget.dart';
    pillarData: pillarData,
    child: TutorialsPage(),
import '../state/pillar_widget.dart';
class TutorialsPage extends StatefulWidget {
  const TutorialsPage({ super.key});

  State<TutorialsPage> createState() => _TutorialsPageState();
const Center(
    child: TutorialWidget(),
Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    final pillar = PillarWidget.of(context);
'Total Tutorials: ${pillar.pillarData.articleCount}',
class TutorialWidget extends StatefulWidget {
  const TutorialWidget({super.key});

  State<TutorialWidget> createState() => _TutorialWidgetState();
import '../state/pillar_widget.dart';
Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    final pillar = PillarWidget.of(context);
    onTap: () {
        pillar.pillarData.increaseArticleCount(by: 1);
    child: Image.asset('assets/images/${pillar.pillarData.type.imageName}',
        width: 110, height: 110),
child: CircleAvatar(
    child: Text(pillar.pillarData.articleCount.toString()),