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Extend a Value Notifier

This video was last updated on Sep 22 2022

Take the ValueNotifier to the next level by extending the ValueNotifier. After which, aquire automatic updates by way of the ValueNotifierListenable widget.


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When we last left, we defined a value notifier to let us know when to update our state. The value notifier was so closely related to our model object, a better solution would be to just have our model extend the value notifier. Let’s do this now.

class Pillar extends ValueNotifier<int> {
Pillar({required this.type, int articleCount = 10}) : super(articleCount);
class Pillar extends ValueNotifier<int> {
  int get articleCount => value;
  var active = true;
  final PillarType type;
void increaseArticleCount({int by = 1}) {
    value += by;
void initState() {
    pillarData.addListener(() {
        setState(() {});
void dispose() {
body: TutorialsPage(pillar: pillarData),
const TutorialsPage({required this.pillar, super.key});
child: TutorialWidget(pillar: widget.pillar),
const TutorialWidget({required this.pillar, super.key});
widget.pillar.increaseArticleCount(by: 1);
    valueListenable: pillarData,
    builder: (context, value, child) {
        return TutorialsPage(pillar: pillarData);