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Show Download Progress

Performing lengthy uploads or downloads without any visual indication of progress is not the best user experience. This episiode will show you how to provide a progress indicator for a download.


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When downloading images or large over the network, the user will often times want to know the progress of the total download. If using the closure-based task downloads on URLSession, you have delegate methods for this.

@MainActor @State private var downloadProgress: Float = 0.0
if isDownloading {
  ProgressView(value: downloadProgress)
func downloadSongBytes(at url: URL, progress: Binding<Float>) async throws {
try await downloader.downloadSongBytes(at: previewURL, progress: $downloadProgress)
let (asyncBytes, response) = try await session.bytes(from: url)
let contentLength = Float(response.expectedContentLength)
var data = Data(capacity: Int(contentLength)) 
for try await byte in asyncBytes {
progress.wrappedValue = Float(data.count) / Float(contentLength)
let currentProgress = Float(data.count) / contentLength
if Int(progress.wrappedValue * 100) != Int(currentProgress * 100) {
  progress.wrappedValue = currentProgress
let fileManager = FileManager.default

guard let documentsPath = fileManager.urls(for: .documentDirectory,
                                           in: .userDomainMask).first
else {
  throw SongDownloadError.documentDirectoryError
let lastPathComponent = url.lastPathComponent
let destinationURL = documentsPath.appendingPathComponent(lastPathComponent)
do {
  if fileManager.fileExists(atPath: destinationURL.path) {
    try fileManager.removeItem(at: destinationURL)
  try data.write(to: destinationURL)
} catch {
 throw SongDownloadError.failedToStoreSong
await {
  downloadLocation = destinationURL