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Session Configurations

Learn about URLSessionConfiguration and how to leverage it to modify your URLSession’s behavior.


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Welcome back! The time has come to properly learn about URLSession. URLSession is a collection of related tasks. With URLSession, you can configure it per your app’s needs.

import Foundation
let sharedSession = URLSession.shared
sharedSession.configuration.allowsCellularAccess = false
let myDefaultConfiguration = URLSessionConfiguration.default
let ephemeralConfiguration = URLSessionConfiguration.ephemeral
let backgroundConfiguration = URLSessionConfiguration
                                .background(withIdentifier: "com.learningAbout.URLSession")
myDefaultConfiguration.allowsCellularAccess = false
myDefaultConfiguration.allowsExpensiveNetworkAccess = true
myDefaultConfiguration.allowsConstrainedNetworkAccess = true
let myDefaultSession = URLSession(configuration: myDefaultConfiguration)
let defaultSession = URLSession(configuration: .default)