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Challenge: Download Images

Leverage the concepts learned in the previous lecture, but apply them towards downloading images corresponding to album artwork.


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Hello and welcome! Time for a little challenge for you. By now you should have a good idea about how to download a file using URLSession.

  let (downloadURL, response) = try await url)
guard let httpResponse = response as? HTTPURLResponse,
    httpResponse.statusCode == 200
else {
  throw ArtworkDownloadError.invalidResponse
do {
  return try Data(contentsOf: downloadURL)
} catch {
  throw ArtworkDownloadError.failedToDownloadArtwork
do {
  let data = try await downloader.downloadArtwork(at: artworkURL)
} catch {
guard let image = UIImage(data: data) else {
artworkImage = image
catch {