iOS & Swift Learning Paths

iOS and SwiftUI for Beginners 6 courses

Excited to get started with iOS app development? In this learning path, you’ll build two fully-functional iOS apps, and go into depth with the Swift Programming Language to learn how to create the logic behind your app. Get started for free!

iOS User Interfaces with SwiftUI 4 courses

SwiftUI represents the next generation of UI development for iOS; although UIKit has served developers well for years, SwiftUI's live previews and declarative approach makes it easier and faster to build great-looking apps. Get started with SwiftUI fundamentals, learn how SwiftUI thinks about layout in your app, build great-looking animations and even integrate maps and location data into your SwiftUI app in this iOS User Interfaces with SwiftUI learning path!

iOS Data and Networking 7 courses

Learn where the data behind your apps comes from! You’ll learn how to use Core Data to persist data in your app, network with URLSession, and use GCD and Operations to push some heavy data processing tasks to the background to keep your app’s UI responsive.

iOS IDEs and Tools 3 courses

When you use Xcode every day, you want to get all the performance out of it you can! In this learning path, start with debugging your iOS apps, get insider information on the best tips and tricks for Xcode, and learn how to submit your app to the Apple App Store for the world to enjoy!

Software Engineering for iOS 3 courses

Although developers spend tons of time in Xcode, they also use a lot of other tools to get their work done. In this path, you’ll learn some of the tools that developers rely on every single day. You’ll work with Git, learn your way around the command line, and finally build graphics for your app in Sketch.

iOS User Interfaces with UIKit 6 courses

The user interface is one of the most important parts of your app, since that’s what your users see and interact with every single day! Get started with layout in iOS with UIKit and AutoLayout, see how to work with table and collection views, bridge SwiftUI and UIKit frameworks in your app, and bring your apps to life with great animations in this iOS learning path!

Advanced Swift Pro 8 courses

Swift is a rich language, but it’s possible that your day-to-day work doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the true power of the Swift Language. Learn how the experts use advanced Swift features, with topics on protocol-oriented programming, generics, protocols, values and references, types, operations, collections, memory management, and advanced error handling.

iOS Design Patterns Pro 3 courses

Design patterns are reusable, templated solutions to situations you’ll see again and again as you build apps. Design patterns in iOS can help you create logically-constructed code that leads to well-architected apps, by using generic solutions that experienced developers have encountered many times before.

Declarative Programming with Combine Pro 5 courses

Combine is the definitive framework for writing declarative, asynchronous code in your Swift and iOS apps. Combine is an important tool in building modern, event-driven apps and can simplify your approach to using callbacks and handlers in your event handling code.