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Challenge - DownloadManager

The student materials have been reviewed and are updated as of SEPTEMBER 2022.

Practice using the DownloadManager, to add more support for download progress.


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To finish off the WorkManager and DownloadManager practice, you first have to solve a challenge! In this challenge, you have to replace the SynchronizeImageWorker code, with the DownloadManager. Here’s a hint, you can extract the code for the DownloadManager, to the FileUtils, and then reuse it for each image you have to download!

  fun queueImagesForDownload(context: Context, images: Array<String>) {
    if (images.isNotEmpty()) {
      val downloadManager = context.getSystemService(

      val requests = images.mapNotNull { imageUrl ->
        val file = File(context.externalMediaDirs.first(), imageUrl)

        buildDownloadManagerRequest(file, imageUrl)

      requests.forEach { request -> downloadManager?.enqueue(request) }
private fun buildDownloadManagerRequest(file: File, imageUrl: String): DownloadManager.Request? {
    return DownloadManager.Request(Uri.parse("$BASE_URL/files/$imageUrl"))
        .setTitle("Image download")
FileUtils.queueImagesForDownload(applicationContext, images)
FileUtils.queueImagesForDownload(requireContext(), arrayOf(imageUrl))