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Expect a Result From Workers

The student materials have been reviewed and are updated as of SEPTEMBER 2022.

Use the WorkManager API to implement a simple worker which does some work in the background.


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Now that you know how to implement a Worker, it’s time to implement another one, add results to your workers, and chain them together! Let’s see how to do so! :]

class FileClearWorker(context: Context, workerParameters: WorkerParameters) :
    Worker(context, workerParameters) {

  override fun doWork(): Result {
    val root = applicationContext.externalMediaDirs.first()

    return try {
      root.listFiles()?.forEach { child ->
        if (child.isDirectory) {
        } else {

    } catch (error: Throwable) {
val imagePath = "owl_image_${System.currentTimeMillis()}.jpg"
val inputStream = connection.inputStream
val file = File(applicationContext.externalMediaDirs.first(), imagePath)


val output = workDataOf("image_path" to file.absolutePath)
return Result.success(output)
val clearFilesRequest = OneTimeWorkRequestBuilder<FileClearWorker>()
val clearFilesRequest = OneTimeWorkRequestBuilder<FileClearWorker>()

val downloadRequest = OneTimeWorkRequestBuilder<DownloadWorker>()

val workManager = WorkManager.getInstance(this)

val imagePath = info.outputData.getString("image_path")

if (!imagePath.isNullOrEmpty()) {