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Chain Work

The student materials have been reviewed and are updated as of SEPTEMBER 2022.

Implement another worker, to apply a filter to the image, practicing what you’ve learned so far.


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After building a worker, observing its status, and returning a result, you’re ready to build more workers, and chain them together! :]

class UploadResponse(val message: String = "", val url: String = "")
  suspend fun uploadImage(
      @Part imageFile: MultipartBody.Part
  ): UploadResponse
suspend fun uploadImage(file: File): UploadResponse {
  val part: MultipartBody.Part = MultipartBody.Part.createFormData("file",, file.asRequestBody())

  return apiService.uploadImage(part)
class UploadImageWorker(context: Context, workerParameters: WorkerParameters) :
    CoroutineWorker(context, workerParameters) {

  override suspend fun doWork(): Result {

class UploadImageWorker(context: Context, workerParameters: WorkerParameters) :
    CoroutineWorker(context, workerParameters) {

  private val remoteApi by lazy { App.remoteApi }

  override suspend fun doWork(): Result {
    val imagePath = inputData.getString("image_path") ?: return Result.failure()

    val result = remoteApi.uploadImage(File(imagePath))

    return if (result.message == "Success!") {
    } else {
private const val NO_IMAGE = "noImage"

class LocalImageCheckWorker(context: Context, workerParameters: WorkerParameters) :
    Worker(context, workerParameters) {

  override fun doWork(): Result {
    val imagePath = inputData.getString("image_path") ?: NO_IMAGE
    val parts = imagePath.split("/")

    if (imagePath.isBlank() || imagePath == NO_IMAGE) {
      val outputData = workDataOf("is_downloaded" to false)
      return Result.success(outputData)

    val rootFile = applicationContext.externalMediaDirs.first()

    val lastSegment = parts.last()

    return try {
      val isDownloaded = rootFile.list()?.any { filePath -> lastSegment in filePath }
      val outputData = workDataOf("is_downloaded" to (isDownloaded ?: false))

    } catch (error: Throwable) {
val isAlreadyDownloaded = inputData.getBoolean("is_downloaded", false)
val imageDownloadPath = inputData.getString("image_path") ?: return Result.failure()
val parts = imageDownloadPath.split("/")

if (isAlreadyDownloaded) {
  val imageFile = File(applicationContext.externalMediaDirs.first(), parts.last())
  return Result.success(workDataOf("image_path" to imageFile.absolutePath))
val imageUrl = URL("$BASE_URL/files/$imageDownloadPath")


val file = File(applicationContext.externalMediaDirs.first(), parts.last())
val localImagePath = BASE_URL + "/files/${image.imagePath}"

val localImageCheckWorker = OneTimeWorkRequestBuilder<LocalImageCheckWorker>()
    .setInputData(workDataOf("image_path" to imageUrl))
val workManager = WorkManager.getInstance(requireActivity())
val context = activity as? Context ?: return
val selectedImage = data?.data ?: return
val fileUri = FileUtils
    .getImagePathFromInputStreamUri(selectedImage, context.contentResolver, context)

val worker = OneTimeWorkRequestBuilder<UploadImageWorker>()
    .setInputData(workDataOf("image_path" to fileUri))