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Build the Model Pro

The parameters of the Creature constructor should be var to prevent the “Cannot find setter for field error.”

Create the Model layer for the course sample project, including adding JUnit tests of Model layer classes.


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I have the starter project for the course open up here in Android Studio 3.1.4.

data class Creature(
    val attributes: CreatureAttributes = CreatureAttributes(),
    val hitPoints: Int = 0,
    val name: String,
    val drawable: Int = 0
class CreatureGeneratorTest {

   private lateinit var creatureGenerator: CreatureGenerator
  fun setup() {
    creatureGenerator = CreatureGenerator()
class CreatureGenerator
  fun testGenerateHitPoints() {
    val attributes = CreatureAttributes(
        intelligence = 7,
        strength = 3,
        endurance = 10
    val name = "Rikachu"
     val expectedCreature = Creature(attributes, 84, name)
 assertEquals(expectedCreature, creatureGenerator.generateCreature(attributes, name))

class CreatureGenerator {
   fun generateCreature(attributes: CreatureAttributes, name: String = "", drawable: Int = 0): Creature {
     return Creature()
    val hitPoints = 5 * attributes.intelligence +
        3 * attributes.strength +
        4 * attributes.endurance
    return Creature(attributes, hitPoints, name, drawable)