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Build the ViewModel Pro

The student materials have been reviewed and are updated as of July 2022.

See how to use the Android Architecture Component ViewModel and LiveData classes to create a ViewModel layer for your app.


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With our Model and View in place, we’ll now turn to creating a ViewModel for the Add Creature screen named CreatureViewModel.

class CreatureViewModel : ViewModel() {

class CreatureViewModel(private val generator: CreatureGenerator = CreatureGenerator()) : ViewModel() {

  private val creatureLiveData = MutableLiveData<Creature>()
  fun getCreatureLiveData(): LiveData<Creature> = creatureLiveData
  var name = ""
  var intelligence = 0
  var strength = 0
  var endurance = 0
  var drawable = 0
lateinit var creature: Creature
  fun updateCreature() {
    val attributes = CreatureAttributes(intelligence, strength, endurance)
    creature = generator.generateCreature(attributes, name, drawable)
  fun attributeSelected(attributeType: AttributeType, position: Int) {
    when (attributeType) {
      AttributeType.INTELLIGENCE ->
      AttributeType.STRENGTH ->
      AttributeType.ENDURANCE ->
  fun drawableSelected(drawable: Int) {
    this.drawable = drawable
private lateinit var viewModel: CreatureViewModel
viewModel = ViewModelProviders.of(this).get(
viewModel.attributeSelected(AttributeType.INTELLIGENCE, position)
viewModel.attributeSelected(AttributeType.STRENGTH, position)
viewModel.attributeSelected(AttributeType.ENDURANCE, position) = s.toString()
if (viewModel.drawable != 0) hideTapLabel()
  private fun configureLiveDataObservers() {
    viewModel.getCreatureLiveData().observe(this, Observer { creature ->

      hitPoints.text = creature.hitPoints.toString()
creature?.let {