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Test the ViewModel Pro

You’ll need to add the mockito-inline dependency because you could get into some issues when trying to moch the CreatureGenerator class. This is added in the final project in the download materials.

Use JUnit to add unit tests for the functionality of the ViewModel layer, while utilizing Mockito to mock dependent classes.


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When testing the model layer, we used TDD. For the view model, we’ll now add an after-the-fact test for the view model we’ve just created.

  testImplementation "org.mockito:mockito-core:2.11.0"
testImplementation "android.arch.core:core-testing:$arch_comp_version"
class CreatureViewModelTest {
  private lateinit var creatureViewModel: CreatureViewModel
  var rule: TestRule = InstantTaskExecutorRule()
  lateinit var mockGenerator: CreatureGenerator
  fun setup() {
    creatureViewModel = CreatureViewModel(mockGenerator)
  fun testSetupCreature() {
    val attributes = CreatureAttributes(10, 3, 7)
    val stubCreature = Creature(attributes, 87, "Test Creature")
    creatureViewModel.intelligence = 10
    creatureViewModel.strength = 3
    creatureViewModel.endurance = 7
    assertEquals(`stubCreature`, creatureViewModel.creature)