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UIKit: Layout
Part 1: Stack Views Autoresizing
— iOS & Swift

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Autoresizing is very much legacy technology. You will learn how to use constraints to make your layouts more flexible later in the course, but to keep things working as demonstrated in this episode:

  1. Make sure your “View as” device in Interface Builder matches the simulator you are building to.
  2. When you make changes to the stack views settings (at 6:30), switch the stack view’s “Layout” setting in the size inspector to “Inferred” and then back to “Autoresizing” to get the right results.

This course was originally recorded in 2018. It has been reviewed and all content and materials updated as of October 2020.

Autoresizing (a “mask of flexibilities”) is the predecessor to Auto Layout. It’s simpler, and occasionally, for prototyping, effective.