Apple Game Frameworks

Apple has created some powerful 2D and 3D game frameworks that are built right into iOS. These include SpriteKit, SceneKit, GameplayKit and Metal.

If you are an experienced iOS developer but new to game development, we consider SpriteKit, SceneKit, GameplayKit and Metal the easiest way to get started.

Note: All Apple Game Framework tutorials on this page use Apple’s new Swift programming language. If you are new to Swift, be sure to check out our Swift Language Tutorials first.

Looking for our older Objective-C tutorials? Check out our Tutorial Archive.


SpriteKit is Apple's framework for making 2D games. It has sprite support, support for cool special effects — like videos, filters, and masking. It includes an integrated physics library, plus a lot more. If you're new to game development, this is a great place to start.

Core Conceptsspritekit-core-category-feature

Start by learning some of the core concepts in Sprite Kit development and make your first few games!


Once you know the basics, one of the best ways to learn is to try making various kinds of games!



In iOS 8, Apple released a new API for GPU-accelerated 3D graphics called Metal. Metal is similar to OpenGL ES, in that it is a low-level API for interacting with 3D graphics hardware. The difference is that Metal is not cross platform. Instead, it is designed to be extremely efficient with Apple hardware, offering much improved speed and low overhead compared to using OpenGL ES.



SceneKit is Apple's 3D framework for creating games and other 3D scenes. SceneKit includes a physics engine, a particle generator and ways to script actions and animate 3D objects.

Core Concepts

Start by learning some of the core concepts in SceneKit development and make your first few games!


Once you know the basics of SceneKit, one of the best ways to learn is to try making various kinds of games!

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