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About the Team Written by Pietro Rea & Keegan Rush

About the Authors

Pietro Rea is an author of this book. He is a software engineer, creator, tinkerer and author with a passion for mobile development. Pietro has worked on mobile development since iOS 4. His work has been featured in the App Store across different categories: travel, media, e-commerce and more. He lives in northern Virginia with his wife, two kids and their poodle. He blogs about technology at pietrorea.com and you can find him on Twitter at @pietrorea.

Keegan Rush is an author of this book. Originally from sunny South Africa, he is now based in Poland where he works remotely. He especially loves being able to work on iOS and macOS apps and to provide guidance to others looking to learn Swift and iOS. Keegan is an avid runner and a lifelong learner. He tries to read something interesting every day, but it’s obviously not enough, as his ‘Books To Read’ list is already in the hundreds and shows no signs of coming down.

About the Editors

Jayven Nhan is a tech editor of this book. He is an Apple scholar who contributes his best work to passion, fitness training, and nutrition. Passion makes problem-solving an enjoyment. Fitness training keeps him from staring at his Macbook, unrequited love. Nutrition gives him the epic energy he needs to power his day. He enjoys meeting passionate developers from all around the world. Outside of coding, you may find him listening to audiobooks and podcasts, reading, or watching YouTube videos.

Jordan Osterberg is a tech editor of this book, as well as a full-stack and iOS software engineer and college student in Northern California. He has worked on multiple apps for a variety of businesses, and was a WWDC 2018 Scholarship winner.

Sandra Grauschopf is a freelance writer, editor, and content strategist as well as the Editing Team Lead at raywenderlich.com. She loves to untangle tortured sentences and to travel the world with a trusty book in her hand.

Soheil Azarpour is the final pass editor of this book. He is an engineer, developer, creator, author, and a private pilot. He lives in New Hampshire with his wife and two sons. He is passionate about coding and flying, and a lifelong learner.

About the Artist

Vicki Wenderlich is the designer and artist of the cover of this book. She is Ray’s wife and business partner. She is a digital artist who creates illustrations, game art and a lot of other art or design work for the tutorials and books on raywenderlich.com. When she’s not making art, she loves hiking, a good glass of wine and attempting to create the perfect cheese plate.

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