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Dynamic Type

May 10 2018 · Video Course (1 min) · Advanced

A series of screencasts focused on using Dynamic Type in iOS.


  • Swift 4, iOS 11, Xcode 9

Dynamic Type

8:21 Free

Dynamic Type allows for your app's text to increase or decrease size beased on your user's preference improving visibility, but more importantly, accessibility.


Dynamic Type works great out of the box, but by default, it uses only one type of font face. In this screencast, you'll learn how to incorporate Dynamic Type with your own fonts.


Dynamic Type allows your app text to expand but if the rest of your UI doesn't update, things will look weird. In this screencast, you'll learn how to scale other elements.


Dynamic Type can directly impact your layout. This video will show you how to adapt your layout to larger or smaller text based whether an accessbility style has been selected.