iOS 6 Feast Giveaway Winners!

Ray Wenderlich

Massive iOS 6 Feast Giveaway!

This past month we’ve released a ton of great iOS 6 tutorials during the iOS 6 Feast, but all good things must come to an end.

And for the iOS 6 Feast, we’re going to end things with a bang!

It’s time to announce the winners of the iOS 6 Feast giveaway, where the grand prize winner gets a huge prize pack of over $3,000 in value!

Here’s the full list of prizes (is your mouth watering yet?):

Books, Training, and Conferences

  1. The iOS Apprentice Series ($54 value): Learn how to make iPhone and iPad apps via epic length tutorials – for complete beginners!
  2. iOS 6 By Tutorials ($54 value): Learn about the new APIs that were introduced in iOS 6 like Auto Layout, Collection Views, and Passbook – over 1,500 pages of high quality content!
  3. iOS 5 By Tutorials ($44 value): Learn about the new APIs that were introduced in iOS 5 like ARC, Storyboards, and Core Image. Still relevant in iOS 6!
  4. Learning Cocos2D Print Version ($45 value): Learn how to make games with the most popular 2D game framework in iOS!
  5. Cocos2D video training ($99 value): Prefer to learn Cocos2D via videos instead? Check out this video training course!
  6. Space Game Starter Kit ($77 value): Learn how to make a full side-scrolling space game with Cocos2D!
  7. Added 9/20/12: iOS for .NET Devs ($39 value): Are you a .NET developer that wants to transition to iOS? This book is for you!!
  8. Added 9/20/12: CocoaConf 2013 Ticket ($699 value): Attend one of the best iOS developer conferences in the world, with multi-session tracks, hands-on labs, and more! Coming to 8 US cities in 2013 – choose the best match for you!!


  1. AppViz 2 ($49 value): The best tool for monitoring your iOS and Mac App Store sales.
  2. Stencyl Studio 1 Year License ($199 value): Quickly create iOS and Flash games – without code!
  3. Glyph Designer ($30 value): Design beautiful fonts for your iOS games!
  4. Particle Designer ($8 value): Create amazing particle systems for your games with a visual editor!
  5. SpriteHelper ($25 value): An easy to use sprite packer, with physics shape tracing support!
  6. LevelHelper ($50 value): Design levels for your game with a visual editor!
  7. CoronaComplete Pro ($25 value): A professional code editor for Conona games!
  8. Shaderific ($3 value): Get started with OpenGL ES 2.0 shader development on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch today!
  9. Added 9/20/12: Corona SVG Level Builder ($99 value): Create Corona SDK physics based games, levels and maps by just drawing in Inkscape. Plus a full Corona SDK game source code!
  10. Added 10/25/12: Texture Packer ($29 value): The sprite sheet creator that turns chaos into order!
  11. Added 10/25/12: PhysicsEditor ($19 value): Edit your physics shapes with ease!


  1. Added 9/20/12: ShinobiCharts ($499 value): Add high quality charts to your iOS apps in seconds!
  2. Added 9/20/12: PDFTouch SDK ($249 value): A fast and customizable framework for rendering PDF files in iOS apps!
  3. Added 9/20/12: RadioTunes SDK ($149 value): A radio streaming SDK for iOS with support for many codecs and protocols!

Ads and Marketing

  1. Tap for Tap 100,000 free ad impressions ($100 value): Drive traffic to your apps through the premiere mobile ad exchange network!
  2. sidebar ad for 1 month ($125 value): Drive some eyeballs to your apps or projects – a great way to reach some of the most talented iOS developers around!
  3. Touch Code Magazine banner ad for 1 month ($50 value): Want even more eyeballs? Try another ad on Marin’s site!

Bonus loot: Just to make this dessert even sweeter!

  1. T-shirt ($25 value): Sport a stylish black t-shirt with a colorful mosaic iPhone design!
  2. All apps by iOS 6 By Tutorials authors ($49 value)
  3. Plus… cash for a new iPhone 5! ($199 value)

Keep reading to find out who the lucky grand prize winner is… as well as the extra 31 “power of two” winners!

Drum Roll Please…

And the lucky winners are…

And the 1 grand prize winner who will get the huge prize pack giveaway of over $3,000 in value is… wait for it…

Epic Grin

Steve Moser (@SteveMoser on Twitter)!

Huge congrats to Steve and everyone else who won a prize! :]

How Can I Get My Prize?

If you are one of the lucky winners please contact me so I can arrange your prizes to be sent to you.

I will also send you a tweet to let you know you are a winner just in case you don’t see this post.

You have 48 hours to send me your email address in order to claim your prize. If you don’t, we will unfortunately have to give your prize away to someone else. If you missed the window sorry – better luck next time!

Quick FAQ:

  • Already have a prize? If you won something you already have, no problem – you are welcome to choose someone to donate it to!
  • Live outside the US? As mentioned in the original iOS 6 Feast post, to win physical products, you must be based in either Europe or the US. If you’re in another country and won, don’t worry – we’ll do our best to provide you with non-physical alternatives instead :]

Unclaimed Prizes

As explained above, there is a chance that some of the prizes may go unclaimed (especially with so many winners!)

So, after 48 hours, if there are any unclaimed prizes, I will give them away to forum members who post a comment on this thread. The prizes will be given away in order from those with the most overall posts on the forums to those with the least posts, in order to reward regular forum members.

So if you want one last shot at winning, just post on this thread and who knows, you might get lucky and win an unclaimed prize! :]

And That’s a Wrap!

And that concludes the iOS 6 Feast, we hope you all enjoyed it and got fat and happy along the way!

Congrats to all of the prize winners, and a huge thank you to everyone who supported us by purchasing iOS 6 by Tutorials, retweeting our posts, or recommending our site. You are what makes all of this hard work possible!

Thank you all again, and we’re now back to your regularly scheduled programming at!

Aww Yeah!

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When Ray’s not programming, he’s probably playing video games, role playing games, or board games.

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