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Our 500th Tutorial: A Reflection and Giveaway!

Today marks an exciting day – we just released our 500th tutorial! Keep reading for a reflection and a giveaway.


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Update 7/18: Thank you everyone for the amazing and supportive comments! And congrats to our lucky winners: RexUmbrarum, leoleez, and rjk! I will be in touch via email to get you set up with a free book PDF of your choice.

Today marks an exciting day – we just released our 500th tutorial! :]

This blog is now 4.5 years old! Just think about how much iOS development has changed since then:

  • Remember how creating a development profile used to be about 40 steps? ;]
  • Remember the days of retain, release, and autorelease?
  • Remember frantically updating your image assets for retina devices?
  • Remember mandatory @synthesize statements, and a tool called Accessorizer?
  • Remember when it took WWDC a whole month to sell out?
  • Remember how people used to call the iPad useless, and “just a big iPhone”?

I also have some fond memories about this blog:

Thank You!

It’s been an amazing ride, and none of this would have happened without the awesome team of authors, editors, forum subject matter experts, and translators who work hard every day to make this site possible.

It also couldn’t have happened without the support of our readers – like you! Thank you so much for reading this site and being a part of our community.

Remember, 500 tutorials is just the beginning, especially with the advent of Swift!

My cousin Ry Bristow (who also happens to be our first ever summer intern) put together this video to show you what we mean:

Thank you so much for reading and supporting the work we do on this blog – we’ll keep the tutorials coming!

To celebrate, we are giving away some free copies of 1 PDF book of your choice from this site! To enter, simply leave a comment on this post – we’ll select 3 random winners after 48 hours.

Thanks again all, and happy 500!

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