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Introducing the raywenderlich.com Podcast Season 2!

We’re happy to announce season 2 of the raywenderlich.com podcast. Some major changes are in store – find out what’s new!

Now that Season I of The raywenderlich.com Podcast is complete, we’re delighted to announce Season II!

Season II brings with it some major changes and improvements to the format, based entirely on your feedback:

  • More frequent episodes: Instead of having episodes once per month, we’re now moving to weekly episodes!
  • Shorter episodes: We’re also moving to a shorter format of just 30 minutes per episode.
  • Tech Talk focus: Since we’re moving to shorter episodes, we’re going to refocus the podcast on just Tech Talks for App Developers. In Season II, we’ll be covering interesting topics such as App Marketing, Realm, Core Data, GPUImage, FMDB, Unity, and more!
  • More guests: Every episode in Season II will have a special guest to chat with us about that episodes tech topic. We have some real superstars lined up this season, including Jeremy Olson, Brad Larson, Gus Meuller, Jonathan Blocksom, and more!
  • Just Mic and Jake: We’re saying goodbye to Tammy and Felipe. Let’s face it… four hosts + one guest would get a little crowded for a 30 minute podcast.

If you’re a Tammy & Felipe fan, don’t worry – they’ve started their own podcast called Roundabout: Creative Chaos, so you can still follow their adventures! Their new podcast is focused on creative technology, and talking with others who’ve turned their passion into a career. We’ll miss Tammy & Felipe, and we wish them all the best with their new podcast!

The first episode of The raywenderlich.com Podcast, Season II will come out next Monday. It will be focused on The Successful App Launch, with special guest Jeremy Olson – Apple Design Award Winner, and co-author of iOS 7 by Tutorials.

If you haven’t subscribed to the podcast yet, you can Subscribe in iTunes or follow the podcast RSS feed.

We hope you enjoy Season II of The raywenderlich.com Podcast – stay tuned for what should be an amazing season! :]

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