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WatchKit by Tutorials: Update Now Available!

A new update to WatchKit by Tutorials is now available, including a new chapter and some errata and bug fixes!


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Good news – a new version of WatchKit by Tutorials is now available, with two major updates:

  • Brand New Chapter: The book includes a brand new chapter on localization, that covers using genstring, NSLocalizedString, locales and number formatting, and more.
  • Errata and Bug Fixes: We’ve scoured through the errata thread on the book forums and fixed the reported issues – as well as a few we found on our own.

If you are a WatchKit by Tutorials customer, you can download the new version (v1.2) that includes the new chapter and bug fixes immediately on your My Loot page.

And if you don’t have the book yet, be sure to grab your copy – it’s not too late to get started before the Apple Watch launch. :]

The WatchKit by Tutorials team and I hope you enjoy this free update, and we hope to see some great WatchKit apps from you soon!




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