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iOS 9 Feast Giveaway Winners!

Check out the lucky winners of the iOS 9 Feast giveaway – over 150 winners, and over $18,000 in value of prizes!


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iOS 9 Feast

This past month has been the most incredible month we’ve ever had at raywenderlich.com.

During the iOS 9 Feast, we released:

  • 7 new books
  • 23 new written tutorials
  • 78 new video tutorials!

This represents a huge amount of work on behalf of our team, and I’m really proud of our authors, editors, and video instructors for putting this together.

But all good things must come to an end. And in the case of the iOS 9 Feast, we like to end things with a bang.

So today, we are pleased to announce the winners of our iOS 9 Feast giveaway! We have over $18,000 in value of prizes to give away – one grand prize winner, and 150 second prize winners.

Keep reading to see some pictures of the books released in the feast, to find out who the lucky winners are, how to claim your prize if you are a lucky winner, and how to get a second chance in case you aren’t! :]

Book Pictures!

Before we jump into the lucky winners, I wanted to share some pictures of what the books look like that we released during this year’s feast.

Here are the books all together:


If you stack them up, they’re over 7.5 inches of content!


But as John Blanco wisely said, “It’s not the size that matters, it’s how you peruse it.” :]

Here’s what the full collection of raywenderlich.com books over the years looks like:


I don’t know what we’re gonna do next year – I’m running out of bookshelf space! :P

Again huge congratulations to all of the authors, editors, tech editors, and final pass editors for making these books – I’m really happy with how they turned out.

Full Prize List

Now for the main matter at hand!

Here’s the full list of prizes. The grand prize winner gets them all (is your mouth watering yet?):

iOS 9 Feast Giveaway!

Version Control Tools

  1. Tower 2 ($69 value): Version control with Git – made easy. In a beautiful, efficient, and powerful app.
  2. Gitbox ($15 value): Version control as easy as Mail: One-click commit, push and pull.

Continuous Integration

  1. Bitrise Lifetime Atlantis Subscription ($1545/year value): iOS Continuous Integration and Delivery for your whole team, with dozens of integrations for your favorite services.

App Localization

  1. Applanga 6 Month Pro Subscription ($330 value): Everything you need to make mobile app localization fast and easy.

iOS Controls

  1. ShinobiCharts ($395 value): Bring your app’s data to life with these professional chart components.
  2. ShinobiToolkit ($395 value): An excellent collection of UI controls to enhance your apps with features like Grids, Calendars, Carousels and Gauges.
  3. ShinobiForms ($199 value): Tools for building user input forms quickly and easily.

Other Development Tools

  1. Hopper ($89 value): A reverse engineering tool for OS X and Linux, that lets you disassemble, decompile and debug your 32/64bits Intel Mac, Linux, Windows and iOS executables.
  2. Reveal ($89 value) – A powerful runtime view debugging tool with advanced visualisations, comprehensive inspectors and the ability to modify applications on the fly.
  3. Paw (HTTP & REST Client) ($30 value): A handy app to test HTTP calls and RESTful APIs. It lets you send HTTP requests (like cURL), and generates NSURLConnection or AFNetworking code.
  4. Dash ($20 value): Instant offline access to documentation sets, and extremely handy snippet manager.

Design Tools

  1. Paint Code 2 ($100 value): PaintCode is a vector drawing app that generates Core Graphics code in real time.
  2. Core Animator ($100 value): Turn your own animations into native iOS code.
  3. Principle for Mac ($99 value): Principle makes it easy to create animated and interactive user interface designs!
  4. Zeplin 6-month Subscription ($90 value): A tool that makes handing off designs from designers to developers much easier. Generate styleguides, and resources, automatically!
  5. Affinity Photo ($50 value): Photo editing software that offers sophisticated tools for enhancing, editing and retouching your images in an incredibly intuitive interface.
  6. Affinity Designer ($50 value): The fastest, smoothest, most precise vector graphic design software available; great for creating graphics for marketing materials, websites, icons, UI design or even cool concept art.
  7. AppCooker ($30 value): Design apps like a chef – right on your iPad!
  8. Pixelmator ($30 value) – An inspiring, easy-to-use, beautifully designed image editor that lets you enhance photos, sketch, draw and paint, add text and shapes, apply dazzling effects, and more!
  9. Acorn 5 ($25 value): An easy to use Mac image editor, designed for humans. With a ton of new features and refinements, you will make beautiful images in Acorn!
  10. Astropad for iPad ($20 value): Turn your iPad into a graphics tablet!
  11. Astropad for iPhone ($5 value): Turn your iPhone into a graphics tablet!
  12. Promotee ($5 value): Make your app’s promo art shine using this tool to create slick framed product shots.

Productivity Tools

  1. Monodraw ($20 value): A neat tool for creating diagrams, layouts, and flow charts – in ASCII art! :]
  2. Reflector 2 ($15 value): Easily mirror your iPad, iPhone, or Android devices wherever you want it – your Mac, Apple TV, Google Cast, or even live on YouTube!
  3. Soulver ($12 value): A handy app to help you play around with numbers, more conveniently than a traditional calculator.

Blogging Tools

  1. WordPress.com Premium 1-year subscription ($99 value): Create a beautiful website to promote your app with the same awesome software we use for our blog.

Game Tools

  1. Particle Designer 2 ($80 value): Create amazing particle systems for your games with a visual editor designed specifically for Mac OS X.
  2. Glyph Designer 2 1-year Subscription ($53 value): Design beautiful fonts for your iOS games.
  3. TexturePacker ($49 value): The sprite sheet creator that turns chaos into order!
  4. PhysicsEditor ($49 value): Edit your physics shapes with ease!
  5. SpriteIlluminator ($49 value): Create and edit normal maps and add dynamic light to your 2D games.

Conference tickets

  1. 360iDev ($799 value): A free ticket to 360iDev 2016 – an awesome 4-day event for app developers!
  2. Swift Summit ($799 value): A free ticket to your choice of 2016 Swift Summit: A gathering of the world’s top Swift developers, bloggers, book authors and teachers.
  3. RWDevCon ($899 value): A free ticket to our official raywenderlich.com conference: Come meet the team for some great hands-on tutorials, inspiration, and fun!


  1. Swift Apprentice PDF & Print Versions ($108 value): A book for complete beginners to Apple’s brand new programming language – Swift 2.
  2. iOS Apprentice Fourth Edition PDF & Print Versions ($108 value): Learn how to make iPhone and iPad apps from the ground up, with a series of epic-length tutorials for beginners!
  3. iOS 9 by Tutorials PDF & Print Versions ($108 value): Learn about the new APIs in iOS 9 such as Core Spotlight, Multitasking, UIStackView, and App Thinning.
  4. watchOS 2 by Tutorials PDF & Print Versions ($108 value): Learn about WatchKit UI controls and layout, Glances, notifications, deep linking with Handoff, and more!
  5. Core Data by Tutorials Second Edition PDF & Print Versions ($108 value): Take control of your data in iOS apps using Core Data, Apple’s powerful object graph and persistence framework.
  6. iOS Animations by Tutorials Second Edition PDF & Print Versions ($108 value): Learn how to make iOS Animations in Swift 2 through a series of hands-on tutorials and challenges.
  7. 2D iOS & tvOS Games by Tutorials PDF & Print Versions ($108 value): Learn how to make your own iOS and tvOS games using Swift 2 and Apple’s game frameworks, Sprite Kit and GameplayKit.

Video Tutorials

  1. 1-year raywenderlich.com Subscription ($228 value): Get full access to our complete catalog of video tutorials – plus get access to a new video tutorial each week!

Bonus Loot

  1. raywenderlich.com T-shirt ($25 value): Sport a stylish gray t-shirt with a “Eat, Drink, Swift” design!
  2. Plus… cold hard cash for a new iPhone 6S and an Apple TV! ($350 value)

Once again, a huge thanks to everyone who donated prizes for the iOS 9 Feast! These are all amazing resources for developers that we hand-picked and highly recommend.

And the 1 grand prize winner who will get this huge prize pack of over $8,000 in value is… wait for it…

Epic Grin

Kyle Bashour (@kylebshr on Twitter)!

Huge congrats to Kyle! We will be in touch soon to arrange delivery of your prizes.

If you didn’t win the grand prize don’t worry – we have 150 more second prize winners to announce! :]

Second Prize Winners

Again, anyone who sent a tweet in the past month with the #ios9feast hash tag was eligible to win a second prize – and here are the lucky 150 random winners! :]

  1. @_AseR_
  2. @_mitchellporter
  3. @AgisilaosTsaras
  4. @akonakov
  5. @alessandroorru
  6. @alf147
  7. @alshootfa
  8. @anibalravila
  9. @APCorc
  10. @ashstampede
  11. @AsifHamza
  12. @BakkerFG
  13. @bballentine
  14. @BhagatBhavik
  15. @bhansmeyer
  16. @bilgehoor
  17. @billcod
  18. @Bobl_ee
  19. @borjareinares
  20. @brevansio
  21. @brian_henderson
  22. @Brock
  23. @cabhara
  24. @calkinsc3
  25. @CanvasModel
  26. @casanovam
  27. @Cassebart
  28. @CenCen123
  29. @chiplambert
  30. @ChristianLysne
  31. @chucklin
  32. @clintcabanero
  33. @comfly
  34. @crisredfi
  35. @Cro___Sensation
  36. @dadederk
  37. @dahenrom
  38. @danycoro
  39. @Darren_Branford
  40. @davidskeck
  41. @Deivuh
  42. @DiegoCaroli
  43. @DigitalGeekLife
  44. @Dinalli
  45. @ElautJelle
  46. @esnandakumar
  47. @f_messina
  48. @filippocamillo
  49. @FlockOfSwifts
  50. @foamx
  51. @fra3il
  52. @g_lecki
  53. @gallaxya
  54. @GausterLukas
  55. @gerdgrossmann
  56. @hamzashaikh1hamzashaikh1
  57. @hayden_evans
  58. @heyAndrew
  59. @HolgerLiesegang
  60. @hossamghareeb7
  61. @hp_om
  62. @hyun2012
  63. @IJNanayakkara
  64. @iMaddin
  65. @imvimm
  66. @IndieGameDevBot
  67. @itermar
  68. @iuridium
  69. @jandro_es
  70. @jarbyvid
  71. @JDawg927
  72. @JimGrosch
  73. @Joshua_Qn
  74. @jpkv2
  75. @JuanpeCMiOS
  76. @jurvistan
  77. @K0nserv
  78. @kallolfrisky
  79. @Katm__el3brat
  80. @kennetheyoung
  81. @kevin_vavelin
  82. @kravik
  83. @LagMacStudio
  84. @Lcs1969Lee
  85. @liuyi0922
  86. @LuoJie6
  87. @maguzmanesp
  88. @markstickley
  89. @mehmeet43
  90. @mepamidi
  91. @mglttkx
  92. @MichaelTackes
  93. @mjoseoli
  94. @natashasgodwin
  95. @nicktesla2010
  96. @nomad00
  97. @notlaugh
  98. @octermircty
  99. @Opereira
  100. @Orangecoding
  101. @panchapol
  102. @PathToCode
  103. @patrickchampion
  104. @peeterrussak
  105. @phaugsoen
  106. @popovici_ionut
  107. @Ptitaw
  108. @Pym
  109. @rahusendax
  110. @rbarbosa
  111. @Rim21Tech
  112. @RJHComputers
  113. @rmorlen
  114. @Roberto_Pastor
  115. @roger_molas
  116. @rustproofFish
  117. @sachiny009
  118. @scascacha
  119. @segabor
  120. @shuoyang
  121. @sidasa
  122. @sidepelican
  123. @sightuary
  124. @Sir_Lawton
  125. @smithmgcsmith
  126. @SoftcodeSystems
  127. @sqlservercowboy
  128. @steveholt55
  129. @SuparjitoTeo
  130. @superboonie
  131. @SWBerard
  132. @The_Poor_Tom
  133. @thegrizzlylabs
  134. @theMarkEaton
  135. @timrupe
  136. @tmurrane
  137. @tomnazarenko
  138. @TomSmallwood
  139. @tripolev
  140. @tsom
  141. @twofly3
  142. @Umaks_vs
  143. @vacawama
  144. @visumickey
  145. @Vizeris
  146. @XamarinU
  147. @xcdu
  148. @xenoki
  149. @yarmolchuk
  150. @zyrikin

How To Claim Your Prize

If you’re a lucky second prize winner, please email my co-worker Christine your top 5-10 choices from the list below (in order of most wanted->least wanted).

Christine will then do her best to match you with your preference (keep in mind each prize only has a limited number available). You have 48 hours to claim your prize, otherwise we’re going to give them away to others (more on that below).

First come, first serve, so be quick!

Unclaimed Prizes

As explained above, there is a chance that some of the prizes may go unclaimed (especially with so many winners!)

So, after 48 hours, if there are any unclaimed prizes, we will give them away to forum members who post a comment on this thread. The prizes will be given away in order from those with the most overall posts on the raywenderlich.com forums to those with the least posts, in order to reward regular forum members.

So if you want one last shot at winning, just post on this thread and who knows, you might get lucky and win an unclaimed prize! :]

And That’s a Wrap!

And that concludes the iOS 9 Feast, we hope you all enjoyed it and got fat and happy along the way!

Congrats to all of the prize winners, and a huge thank you to everyone who supported us by purchasing our new Swift books, subscribing to our video tutorials, signing up for RWDevCon, or recommending our site. You are what makes all of this possible!

Thank you all again, and we’re now back to our regularly scheduled programming at raywenderlich.com!

Aww Yeah!




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