Ewald Horn


Working 100% remotely, as a contract developer, I deliver solutions using Kotlin (JVM, Multi-platform and Native) or Flutter with Dart on Android, web and server. My preference is for mobile development, focused on Android, but I've also built some interesting desktop solutions like a 2D CAD application in Swing. In the past, I've worked in Python, C#, Xamarin, F#, JavaScript (NodeJS), NativeScript, Java (Embedded, ME, SE, EE, Enterprise), Scala, Swift, C, C++, PHP, HTML5, Pascal, Delphi, Objective-C and some time ago, Cobol. My remote work is done via technologies like Slack, Skype, Zoom and Trello. I'm very open to working with startups, even those that are in the exploratory phase and in need of an app to go for a funding round. Depending on your product, I might be tempted to work for partial equity, up to 15% of my total fee. Some things I've worked on: - Payments systems like Postilion - Social Media apps like Wyzetalk - Video and media apps like Doozie and Over - Mobile Games like Juicy Kaboom - All kinds of fintech things like pension fund and employee benefits managements systems - An assortment of mobile apps for Android and iOS like HomeKick I've been a Java developer, Mobile developer, Android developer, Applications developer, Software Engineer, Support Technician, Trainer, failed comic and rather bad barista. It's more important that I be solving business and technical challenges, than what my job title is.