Screencast: Creating a CocoaPod

Learn how to create a CocoaPod. Enhance discoverability of your framework and automate installation with the popular CocoaPods dependency manager.

Caroline Begbie
Android GridView Tutorial

Android GridView Tutorial

In this Android GridView tutorial, you will build an app using a GridView and learn how to customize it to create a beautiful user interface.

Brian Voong
  • Skill: Skill Level: Easy
CloudKit JS Tutorial for iOS

CloudKit JS Tutorial for iOS

iCloud does a lot of great things. It bridges the gap between iOS and macOS by storing and syncing app data and files so the user can access their stuff from any Apple device. Notes and Photos are excellent examples of the power of this service — if your stuff’s on one device, it’s reliably […]

Audrey Tam
  • Skill: Skill Level: Hard
CloudKit Tutorial: Getting Started

CloudKit Tutorial: Getting Started

In this CloudKit tutorial, you’ll learn how to add and query data in iCloud from your app, as well as how to manage that data using the CloudKit dashboard.

Ed Sasena
  • Skill: Skill Level: Hard

Creating a Framework

Learn how to move Swift code from a project to an independent, reusable framework complete with unit tests.

Caroline Begbie
Pattern Matching in Swift

Pattern Matching in Swift

In this pattern matching tutorial you’ll learn how you can use pattern matching with tuples, types, wildcards, optionals, enumeration, and expressions.

Cosmin Pupăză
  • Skill: Skill Level: Hard

iOS 10 Screencast: Visual View Debugging

Xcode 8’s view debugger has some improvements that make it easy to debug even code-based Auto Layout issues. Discover how in this screencast.

Sam Davies
TestFlight Tutorial: iOS Beta Testing

TestFlight Tutorial: iOS Beta Testing

In this TestFlight tutorial for iOS, you’ll learn how to integrate TestFlight into your apps, invite people to join your beta, and send out builds to them.

Tom Elliott
  • Skill: Skill Level: Hard
Drag and Drop Tutorial for macOS

Drag and Drop Tutorial for macOS

The drag-and-drop mechanism has always been an integral part of Macs. Learn how to adopt it in your apps with this drag and drop tutorial for macOS.

Warren Burton
  • Skill: Skill Level: Hard

iOS 10 Screencast: Measurement Formatter

Formatting measurements for every language and country is hard, so Foundation includes a new MeasurementFormatter class. See how easy it is to use in the screencast.

Sam Davies
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