iOS 7 by Tutorials Second Edition

iOS 7 by Tutorials Second Edition

Get up to date quickly with the APIs introduced in iOS 7!

Note: Please be aware that this book is not up-to-date for iOS 10/Swift 3. We do not have plans to update the book from its current version for iOS 8 and Xcode 6.
  • Who is This Book For?

    Intermediate to Advanced Developers

    This book is for intermediate or advanced iOS developers, who already know the basics of iOS development but want to upgrade their skills to iOS 7.

    If you’re a complete beginner, you can follow along these books as well, because the tutorials are always in a step-by-step process, but there may be some missing gaps in your knowledge. You might want to go through the iOS Apprentice Series before you go through this book.

  • iOS 6 by Tutorials

    iOS 7 by Tutorials

    Get up to date with the new APIs introduced with iOS 7! You will learn about UIKit Dynamics, Text Kit, Continuous Integration, Background Fetch, the new “flat” design, and more, by following along with fun, easy to read tutorials!

    Written by:Christine AbernathySoheil AzarpourColin EberhardtCharlie FultonMatt GallowayGreg HeoMatthijs HollemansFelipe Laso MarsettiJeremy OlsonPietro ReaCesare RocchiAudrey TamMarin TodorovChris Wagner



    iOS 7 by Tutorials covers the following topics:

    • Designing for iOS 7: Learn how to design your app to fit in well with the new iOS 7 look.
    • UIKit Dynamics & motion effects: Learn how to make your views move with realistic physics.
    • Custom View Controller Transitions: Learn how to make neat animated transitions between view controllers.
    • Text Kit: Learn how to layout and format text easily – without resorting to Core Text.
    • What’s New with Objective C and Foundation: Learn about some new features in Objective-C like modules and more.
    • Unit Testing in Xcode 5: Learn how to perform unit testing with Xcode 5’s new XCUnit framework.
    • Source Control in Xcode 5: Learn how to use built-in git source control in Xcode 5.
    • Continuous Integration in Xcode 5: Coming soon! Learn how to perform continuous testing of your apps on a Mac OSX server.
    • Networking with NSURLSession: Learn about the new NSURLSession class that replaces NSURLConnection.
    • Multitasking Enhancements: Learn how to fetch new data or large downloads automatically in the background.
    • JavaScript Core Framework: Learn how to run Javascript code from your apps.
    • Peer-to-Peer Connectivity and AirDrop: Learn how to easily share data between nearby devices.
    • What’s New in AVFoundation: Learn about some new features in AVFoundation like barcode scanning.
    • What’s New in MapKit: Learn about some new features in MapKit like location search.
    • What’s New in Core Location: Learn how to make your own iPhone app that acts as a beacon!
    • Bonus chapter: Inter-App Audio: Learn how to connect the audio output of one app to the audio input of another app to create a suite of connected audio apps.
    • Bonus chapter: What’s New with PassKit: Learn about some new features in PassKit like beacon detection, pass bundles, and QR code integration!
    • Bonus chapter: All About iAd: Learn how to make money in your apps with iAds.

    By the time you’re finished reading this book, your skills will be completely up to date with iOS 7, and you’ll be ready to use these new technologies right away in your apps!

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How Can I Find The Latest Version?

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If you have any further questions that the above description hasn’t covered, feel free to ask a question in the forums and we’ll get to you as soon as possible!

What Are You Waiting For?

It’s critical as an iOS developer that you keep your skills up to date, and iOS 7 was one of the most ground-breaking releases yet with its major design upgrade. It’s critical that you update your apps, or you’ll be left behind!

Rather than banging your head against the wall trying to learn these topics by scouring through boring API references, learn the iOS 7 APIs the easy way via tutorials, in the style you know and love from this site!

So Continuously Integrate some time on your schedule, Background Fetch yourself yourself a “flat”-bread sandwich, and get ready to adjust your mind to a new UIKit dynamic by ordering iOS 7 by Tutorials today! :]

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