Top 5 Parse Alternatives

Top 5 Parse Alternatives

Unsure what to do with the Parse shutdown? Check out our top 5 Parse alternatives – with pros and cons for each!

Kishin Manglani
Bond Tutorial: Bindings in Swift

Bond Tutorial: Bindings in Swift

Bond is a simple, powerful, type-safe binding framework for Swift. Learn how to use it with the popular MVVM architectural pattern in this Bond tutorial.

Colin Eberhardt
  • Skill: Skill Level: Hard
Android SDK Versions Tutorial

Android SDK Versions Tutorial

In this Android SDK versions tutorial, you’ll learn how to make sure your apps work on a variety of devices, running different versions of the Android SDK – through the power of Android Support libraries and other techniques.

Eunice Obugyei
  • Skill: Skill Level: Easy
Best Markdown Editors for OS X

Best Markdown Editors for OS X

Check out the top 5 best Markdown editors for OS X – including how to install, pros and cons, and how to pick the editor that is best for you!

Bill Morefield
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