Readers’ App Reviews – June 2016

Readers’ App Reviews – June 2016

Check out some apps released by raywenderlich.com readers this June, including an app to understand iSO Layout, an app to watch funny fail videos, and an Etch A Sketch for your wrist! :]

Ryan Poolos
Self-sizing Table View Cells

Self-sizing Table View Cells

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to enable self-sizing table view cells, as well as how to make them resize on-demand, and support Dynamic Type.

Bradley Johnson
  • Skill: Skill Level: Easy

iOS 10 Screencast: iMessage Sticker Packs

iMessage apps are set to be all the rage once iOS 10 is released to the masses - from adding stickers to messages, all the way through to playing interactive games with your friends right inside the Messages app. Start your journey into this new exciting category of apps on iOS 10 by seeing how easy it is to create a sticker pack in Xcode.
Sam Davies
  • Video
  • 3:54

iOS 10 Screencast: The UserNotifications Framework

iOS 10 combines the presentation of notifications to users from both local and remote sources into a simple, cross-platform new framework. In this screencast you'll see how easy it is to send local user notifications with the new UserNotifications framework - a great place to start upgrading your apps to iOS 10.
Sam Davies
  • Video
  • 12:16
Model-View-Controller (MVC) in iOS: A Modern Approach

Model-View-Controller (MVC) in iOS: A Modern Approach

The Model View Controller (MVC) pattern in iOS development is easy to understand, but hard to master in practice. This article discusses a modern approach of best practices to use in your apps.

Rui Peres
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