iOS 10 Screencast: Taking Photos

AVFoundation in iOS 10 deprecates the tools you used to use to take photos. Learn about the vastly improved replacement - AVCapturePhotoOutput.
Sam Davies
  • Video
  • 8:28
Intermediate Swift 3 Course Now Available

Intermediate Swift 3 Course Now Available

Check out my new Intermediate Swift 3 course, covering closures, structures, properties, classes, inheritance, initializers, protocols, enumerations, and more.

Brian Moakley
Cocoa Bindings on macOS

Cocoa Bindings on macOS

Cocoa bindings make glue code a thing of the past. Discover how you can simplify your controller code in this Cocoa Bindings on macOS Tutorial!

Andy Pereira
  • Skill: Skill Level: Hard
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