Readers’ App Reviews – April 2016

Readers’ App Reviews – April 2016

Check out some apps released by fellow raywenderlich.com readers in April – including a game where only one armadillo was harmed in the making!

Ryan Poolos
ReactiveCocoa vs RxSwift

ReactiveCocoa vs RxSwift

A detailed comparison of the two most popular Functional Reactive Programming frameworks for Swift: ReactiveCocoa vs RxSwift!

Rui Peres
Announcing the RWDevCon 2016 Vault!

Announcing the RWDevCon 2016 Vault!

We’re happy to announce the RWDevCon 2016 Vault – 24+ hours of hands-on tutorial videos, 700+MB of sample projects, and a 570 page conference book!

Ray Wenderlich
NSTask Tutorial for OS X

NSTask Tutorial for OS X

In this OS X NSTask tutorial, learn how to execute another program on your machine as a subprocess and monitor its execution state while your main program continues to run.

Warren Burton
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