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It's true; there's simply nothing better than the RayWenderlich collection of resources if you're a mobile dev/engineer.

Marlene J

One of the best investments in my career has been a @rwenderlich membership. I’ve learned a lot of great things that have helped me grow as a developer.

Nick Kohrn

Completely agree! I can now live from my passion because people like Ray shared their knowledge with the world.

Fred A

Really thankful for all of the AMAZING resources @rwenderlich provides. It's also inspiring just how much they do.


Great!! Time to learn some Android development! Thanks Ray & team!

Erik S. de Erice

I really begin to learn iOS development and other theme like game development with your blog. So many thanks to you @rwenderlich!

Vincent Saluzzo

Congrats Ray and thanks for all the great content. You and your site are a cornerstone of the iOS community.

Johannes Fahrenkrug

Woohoo!!! Congratulations! You guys have been the best resource I’ve found for Apple related tutorials and information.

Richard Hancock

Congratulations @rwenderlich, the Best option to learn iOS.

Carlos Ceron