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In April 2015, Apple enacted its vision to advance medical research by sharing ResearchKit, a new open source framework which includes all the elements you need to create an app for a medical study. Within moments, your study can be available to millions of potential test subjects who have a powerful iOS device with them at all times!

If you are a scientific programmer at a research institution, you may be interested in using ResearchKit to gather data for your study, but you might not be sure how to start. This page is for you!

On this site, we have a number of free tutorials that can help you get quickly up to speed with the skills you need to make a ResearchKit iOS app: Swift, ResearchKit, HealthKit, and more. Here’s the 5-step path we recommend you follow:

  1. Sign up to our monthly newsletter to receive an epic-length tutorial on iOS and Swift programming for beginners. This will teach you the basics of Swift and iOS development.
  2. Optionally, check out the Swift Apprentice and the iOS Apprentice if you’d like more information beyond that free tutorial.
  3. Read our free ResearchKit Tutorial with Swift to learn the basics of working with ResearchKit.
  4. Read our free Accessing Heart Rate Data for your ResearchKit Study tutorial to learn how to gather HealthKit data from your ResearchKit apps.
  5. Optionally, check out some of the many other free iOS tutorials on our site.

For more information on ResearchKit, check the official site, GitHub repository, and official ResearchKit forum. Also, Apple maintains a ResearchKit blog and presented about ResearchKit at WWDC 2015.

We hope this helps, and we wish you all the best with your ResearchKit studies!

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