Android Development Tutorials

Want to learn how to develop apps for Android using Java?

Check out our collection of over 15 free Android development tutorials, covering everything you know to get started!

Note: All Android tutorials on our site use Java. If you are new to Java, be sure to read a book on the subject first.

Getting Started


The best way to get started is by going through our Beginning Android Development tutorial series.

If you need a quick crash course on Java, check out our Java For Android tutorial and cheat sheet.

Core Concepts

Once you have gone through the basics, you should learn about some core concepts you need to know for Android development, such as activities, fragments, intents, and some important design patterns.

User Interface

An important part of creating an Android app is creating a delightful user interface. In this section, you'll learn how to create user interfaces that look and feel great on a variety of screen sizes.

Other Android Tutorials


But wait, there's more! In this section, you'll learn how to work with different Android SDK versions, how to distribute your app on the Android App Store, and much more.

Other Items of Interest

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