“Why sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

— The White Queen, Through the Looking-Glass

We hope you’re excited about all the new possibilities, previously seeming impossible, that developing with RxSwift has opened up for you!

Reactive applications are solid, easier to test, and very agile about their user experience. With data bindings, your apps’ UI is always up to date and the highly composeable RxSwift operators allow you to craft complex app logic with a minimum of effort.

This book took you all the way from a complete Rx beginner, just learning about the pain points of asynchronous programming, all the way to being an RxSwift veteran. It’s up to you now to couple your creativity with the all the knowledge you’ve gained from this book and create some impressive apps of your own!

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— Chris, Florent, Marin, Scott, Shai, and Vicki

The RxSwift: Reactive Programming with Swift team

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