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Acknowledgements Written by Enrique López-Mañas

A book is never a single-person journey. There are so many folks and friends that have supported me through this project. First of all, my eternal gratitude goes to our clan of mentors. I would have never dreamed to gather such a gang of brilliant folks for this project. Each of them has an amazing story to tell, and after having this virtual conversation with them you will surely acquire knowledge that will stick with you during your career. They are the main ingredient of this book.

Thanks to Chris Belanger, Manda Frederick and Nicole Hardina who served as editors for this book; Tiffani Randolph for her marketing and promotion efforts; and Vicki Wenderlich and Luke Freeman for their cover design work. It has been several months of collaborating and working together. I have learned so much from you, and it was delightful to do this together. Thanks, Ray Wenderlich for believing in this initially crazy idea and agreeing to be a part of it.

A special thank you to our beta readers who generously provided feedback and editorial support: Annette Marlette, Márton Braun, Ray Wenderlich, Mark Powell, Katie Collins, Vincent Ngo, Scott McAlister, Joe Howard, Richard Critz, Victoria Gonda, Chris Belanger, Tiffani Randolph, Arthur Garza, and Ben MacKinnon.

Thanks to all my colleagues that have supported this through informal conversations, barricaded behind a cafe. Nick Skelton, Marius Budin, Xavier Jurado, César Valiente, Iñaki Villar. You listened and proposed ideas, and many of them were incorporated into this book. My gratitude for sharing your feedback.

Thanks to the GDE program, who actively supported Living by the Code. Thanks to Benjamin and Alina for your input and faith on the project. Thanks, David for having supported during all these years my efforts as a GDE. I am so glad to have had you as mentors as well. Thanks to all the folks that have created and worked with me on content over the years. You are the best school of knowledge I could have hoped for.

I could not have thought of a better foreword for the book than the one written by Dan Kim.

Last but not least, thank you Le Vu Nhu Quynh for your eternal patience with me. You supported me through months of ups and downs in this project. You make this world shine.

It is not possible to write each individual name on this section. That doesn’t detract from all the support I had. Big thanks to all of you who made this project possible. An author is only a small gear of this fantastic machinery.

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