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We would like to thank Matei Suica on his work as an author on the previous edition of Data Structures & Algorithms in Kotlin book. Matei is a software developer that dreams about changing the world with his work. From his small office in Romania, Matei is trying to create an App that will help millions. When the laptop lid closes, he likes to go to the gym and read. You can find him on Twitter or LinkedIn: @mateisuica.


We’d like to acknowledge the work of the authors of Data Structures & Algorithms in Swift, the content of which served as the basis for this book.

  • Vincent Ngo
  • Kelvin Lau

We’d also like to acknowledge the efforts of the following contributors to the Swift Algorithm Club GitHub repo (, upon whose work portions of this book are based.

  • Matthijs Hollemans, the original creator of the Swift Algorithm Club.

We’d also like to thank the following for their contributions to the repo:

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