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About the Cover Written by Derek Selander

Advanced Apple Debugging & Reverse Engineering
Advanced Apple Debugging & Reverse Engineering

The Wana (pronounced “vah-na”) is a sea urchin native to the Indo-West Pacific region. This sea urchin has two types of spines: a longer hollow spine and a shorter, toxin producing spine. The Wana contains light-sensitive nerves on its skin which can detect potential threats and can move its spines accordingly towards the threat.

Much like finding bugs in a program, stepping on one of these creatures really, really sucks. Pain settles in (inflicted by either your product manager or the sea urchin) and can last up to several hours, even though the issue may remain for an extended period of time. In addition, just like bugs in a program, if you find one of these lovely creatures, there are usually many more in close proximity!

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