Polish Your Android App

You’ve built out the next killer Android app, and it’s functional … but not beautiful. Time to ship? Not quite! In this path, you’ll see how to make it through that final mile and add visual and functional polish to your app, to help it stand out and gain approval from your users. You’ll cover wireframing, prototyping, user testing, dark theme, UX/Design tips and tricks, animations, in-app reviews and more!

After completing this learning path…

You’ll have worked through many of those final details, like window handling, reviews, smooth and seamless animations, light and dark mode and more that other developers miss. These are the details that users will notice … and that will help your app move up the ranks to #1 on the Google Play Store!

Coming Up Next: In the next path, you’ll work with three of the most common architectures used in modern Android development: MVI, or Model-View-Intent; MVP, or Model-View-Presenter; and MVVM, or Model-View-ViewModel.