Android UI & UX: Beyond the Basics

You’ve built your first Android app, or maybe your second … but there’s a lot more to learn! In this path, you’ll learn some of the key UI and UX principles that professional Android developers needs in their toolbox, including notifications, motion layout, multi-window and inset handling, Wear OS, best practices for visual feedback, dark theme, and more!

After completing this learning path…

… you’ll be able to bring more UI and UX best practices into your own apps, where you can wow and delight your users with a seamless look and feel.

Coming Up Next: You’ve built out the next killer Android app, and it’s functional … but not beautiful. Time to ship? Not quite! In this path, you’ll see how to make it through that final mile and add visual and functional polish to your app, to help it stand out and gain approval from your users. You’ll cover wireframing, prototyping, user testing, dark theme, UX/Design tips and tricks, animations, in-app reviews and more!