Android User Interfaces

Building apps requires a good command of the various user interface elements that bring life and utility to an app. Get started with Layouts, RecyclerView, and Animations in this Android learning path!

After completing this learning path…

…you'll have gained a great deal of experience in laying out your app’s UI in Android, and seen how to use RecyclerView to create powerful and great-looking interfaces. You’ll have also seen how animation can take your app from “so-so” to “stunning”! Check out the Android Data and Networking path to dive into the world of data persistence, networking, and background processing.

Coming Up Next: You’ve built some stunning UI for your app — but not all beauty lies on the surface. The next learning path takes you on a tour of the frameworks that help you retrieve retrieve and persist data, and to perform the complex networking tasks that modern apps demand. You’ll also learn how to manage your app’s tasks to keep your UI running as smoothly as possible!