Android Data and Networking

Behind most every Android app is the data that drives it - but where does this data come from, and how do you save that data? This learning path covers methods to save data on Android, along with mobile networking basics and how to do background processing in your Android apps.

After completing this learning path…

…you’ll have covered a lot of ground, by getting “behind the scenes” and learning about all the options for persisting data in Android apps, and when to use each option. You’ll have learned how to work with data over the network with REST APIs, and how to offload intensive processing to background threads. Check out the Software Engineering for Android path to learn about some critical tools that developers use every day to get their work done.

Coming Up Next: As a professional developer, you’ll spend most of your time immersed in your development environments, so it’s worth learning how to love your main IDE! The next learning path will take you from novice to poweruser, so you can accomplish more coding and debugging — and you’ll also learn all of the ins and outs of submitting your app to the Google Play Store!