Unity Cheat Sheet and Reference

Brian Moakley

Unity Cheat Sheet and Quick Reference Now Available!

Unity Cheat Sheet and Quick Reference Now Available!

Often times when working on Unity projects, I find myself asking the same questions over and over.

What is the difference between Awake() and Start()?

What’s the process of kicking off a coroutine again?

What are some of the static Vector3 variables available to me?

These simple questions can be answered a quick Google search, but the process of answering them can break the flow of a work session. Once a flow has been broken, it can be a non-trivial affair to get back into it.

So I put together a Cheat Sheet to keep the flow alive and you can download it right here:

The sheet summarizes some of the more common used features in Unity using C#. If you are using Boo or UnityScript, well, you’re out of luck but if there’s enough demand I’m happy to put one together for you.

Here’s what the sheet covers:

  • Creating and destroying GameObjects
  • Accessing Components
  • GameObject events
  • Vector Variables
  • Timing Variables
  • Physics Events
  • Coroutine Example and Return Types

This is just a first draft of the Unity cheat sheet. If you have any suggestions or comments on how to improve it, please let me know in the comments.

Looking to learn Unity? Feel free to check out our Unity video tutorial series or read many of our written Unity tutorials as well.

Brian Moakley

Brian is an instructor at Razeware who develops courses and screencasts on a wide variety of topics of iOS development. When not teaching, Brian plays board games, studies aikido, and tries to keep up with his wife and two kiddos.

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