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Introduction to Google's Material Design


Feb 25 2020 · Video Course (39 mins) · Beginner

Learn the basics of Google's Material Design by updating an old app to implement material widgets, colors, typography and icons.

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  • Kotlin 1.3, Android 5.1, Studio 3.5

Learn how Material Design makes your app better by improving the user experience and accessibility with tools, material widgets and design guidance.


Configure the project and add material design dependencies to your app level build.gradle file.


Learn about material design widgets and the advantages they provide over standard Android widgets.


Convert a button from the standard library into a material design button, which provides a better user experience and accessibility.


Now that your buttons have been materialized, do the same for the EditText widgets using a TextInputLayout.


Choose a color scheme for your app by following Material Design guidelines using the color tool.


Use your previously created color scheme to change the design of your buttons, text fields and action bar.


In this episode, implement and extend a material design style by modifying the attributes of a TexInputLayout.


Learn how to use the asset studio to generate material design icons for your app.


Add the finishing touches to your app, such as an elevation attribute to your card views.


Who is this for?

Intermediate Android developers who are interested in learning the basics of Material design from a developer's point of view. This course expects you to be familiar with Android Studio, Android Development with Kotlin and to have experience with Views and styles.

Covered concepts

  • Creating icons with the Asset Studio
  • Using material design components such as TextViews and Buttons.
  • Implementing a material color scheme
  • Implementing and extending the material design themes.