Unity Games by Tutorials Updated for Unity 5.6

We’re excited to announce that Unity Games by Tutorials has been updated for Unity 5.6!

We’ve gone through the entire book and updated all the project materials, screenshots and text contained within to make sure it’s all compatible under Unity 5.6.

Updates in the book include:

  • Updates to the navigation system
  • Changes to the lighting window
  • Modifications to the splash images
  • Changes to the WebGL publishing settings
  • Updates to pathfinding
  • Smoothed out NavMesh behavior
  • Additions for extra Collider2D types
  • And more!

Read on to see how to get your updated copy!

What Is Unity Games by Tutorials?

Unity Games by Tutorials is for complete beginners to Unity, or for those who’d like to bring their Unity skills to a professional level. Its goal is to teach you everything you need to know to make your own Unity games – via hands-on experience.

In Unity Games by Tutorials, you’ll learn how to build four games:

  1. A twin-stick shooter
  2. A first-person shooter
  3. A tower defense game (with VR support!)
  4. A 2D platfomer

Build stunning, realistic games — including a tower defense game in VR!

By the end of this book, you’ll be ready to make your own games for Windows, macOS, iOS, and more!

This book is for complete beginners to Unity, or for those who’d like to bring their Unity skills to a professional level. The book assumes you have some prior programming experience (in a language of your choice).

If you are a complete beginner programming, we recommend you learn some basic programming skills first. A great way to do that is to watch our free Beginning C# with Unity series, which will get you familiar with programming in the context of Unity.

The games in the book are made with C#. If you have prior programming experience but are new to C#, don’t worry – the book includes an appendix to give you a crash course on C# syntax.

How to Get the Update

This free update is available today for all Unity Games by Tutorials PDF customers, as our way of saying “thanks” for supporting the book and the site.

  • If you’ve already bought the Unity Games by Tutorials PDF, you can download the updated book immediately from your owned books on the store page.
  • If you don’t have Unity Games by Tutorials yet, you can grab your own updated copy in our store.

We hope you enjoy this version of the book, fully updated for Unity 5.6. And a big thanks to the book team that helped us get this update out!