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Server-Side Swift with Vapor – 5 New Chapters Available!

We’re excited to announce that the third early access release of Server Side Swift with Vapor is now available!

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Exciting mid-week news! The third early access release of our Server Side Swift with Vapor book is now available!

New to Vapor? That’s okay. This book begins with the basics of web development and introduces the foundational concepts you need to create APIs, web backends and databases, as well as how to deploy to Heroku, AWS or Docker. You’ll even learn to test your projects and more!

This release have five never-before-seen chapters:

  • Chapter 18: API Authentication, Part I: In this chapter, you’ll learn how to protect your API with authentication. You’ll learn how to implement both HTTP basic authentication and token authentication in your API.
  • Chapter 19: API Authentication, Part II: Once you’ve implemented API authentication, neither your tests nor the iOS application work any longer. In this chapter, you’ll learn the techniques needed to account for the new authentication requirements, and you’ll also deploy the new code to Vapor Cloud.
  • Chapter 20: Cookies and Sessions: In this chapter, you’ll see how to implement authentication for the TIL website. You’ll see how authentication works on the web and how Vapor’s Authentication module provides all the necessary support. You’ll then see how to protect different routes on the website. Next, you’ll learn how to use cookies and sessions to your advantage. Finally, you’ll deploy your code to Vapor Cloud.
  • Chapter 21: Validation: In this chapter, you’ll learn how to use Vapor’s Validation library to verify some of the information users send the application. You’ll create a registration page on the website for users to sign up. You’ll validate the data from this form and display an error message if the data isn’t correct. Finally, you’ll deploy the code to Vapor Cloud.
  • Chapter 23: Caching: Whether you’re creating a JSON API, building an iOS app, or even designing the circuitry of a CPU, you’ll eventually need a cache. In this chapter, you’ll learn the philosophy behind and uses of caching to make your app feel snappier and more responsive.
  • Chapter 26: WebSockets: WebSockets, like HTTP, define a protocol used for communication between two devices. Unlike HTTP, the WebSocket protocol is designed for realtime communication. Vapor provides a succinct API to create a WebSocket server or client. In this chapter, you’ll build a simple server/client application that allows users to share their current location with others, who can then view this on a map in realtime.

The new additions join the previously released chapters that will help you get started in Vapor, make simple iPhone and web apps, test your work, and make dynamic and beautiful webpages.

This is the third early access release for the book — and we’re excited to bring you the full book later this summer!

Where to Go From Here?

If you’re a beginner to web development, but have worked with Swift for some time, you’ll find it’s easy to create robust, fully-featured web apps and web APIs with Vapor 3.

Whether you’re looking to create a backend for your iOS app, or want to create fully-featured web apps, Vapor is the perfect platform for you.

This book starts with the basics of web development and introduces the basics of Vapor; it then walks you through creating APIs and web backends; creating and configuring databases; deploying to Heroku, AWS, or Docker; testing your creations and more!

Getting your own copy of Server Side Swift with Vapor is easy!

Why buy early? Aside from the great discount, you’ll get a chance to dig in and begin learning Vapor 3 before the full book is even released. And once the full book is out this summer, we’ll email you to let you know it’s ready.

Questions about the book? Ask them in the comments below!

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