iOS 7 and iOS Games by Tutorials: Special Guests Announced!

Ray Wenderlich

Earlier when we first announced iOS 7 and iOS Games by Tutorials, we mentioned we had some special guests joining us for the book.

It’s finally time to announce who we’re teaming up with – check out this great lineup!

Artists, Designers, and Musicians

These guys made our books look and sound great.

  • Mike Berg (Artist)


    Mike Berg is a game artist who made all of the artwork for the games in iOS Games by Tutorials.

    You can check out Mike’s game artwork in our trailer for the book or on his official website.

  • Vinnie Prabhu (Composer)


    Vinnie Prabhu is a music composer who made all of the music and sounds for the games in iOS Games by Tutorials.

    You can check out Vinnie’s music in our trailer for the book or on his OverClocked ReMix portfolio page.

  • Jamie Syke (Designer)


    Jamie Syke is a UI/UX designer who designed all of the sample projects for iOS 7 by Tutorials.

    You can check out Jamie’s work on his Dribbble porfolio. We will also be posting a video of the apps from iOS 7 by Tutorials soon!

Guest Authors

These guys bring some special expertise to help make these books incredible.

  • Mike Berg


    In addition to making the artwork for the games in iOS Games by Tutorials, Mike Berg has contributed a special chapter that shows you how you can learn to create art like that on your own!

    To see the style of art you’ll learn how to make, check out Mike’s game artwork in our trailer for the book or on his official website.

  • Tom Bradley and Mike Daley

    Tom Bradley and Mike Daley wrote the Fonts and Particle Systems chapters in iOS Games by Tutorials.

    Tom and Mike are the founders of 71 Squared, Ltd., known for its Mac based game development tools Particle Designer and Glyph Designer.

    Speaking of which – Tom and Mike just released Particle Designer 2.0 which includes a ton of awesome new features like a new UI rebuilt from the ground up, multiple emitters, device profiles, and much more – check it out!

  • Jeremy Olson


    Jeremy Olson wrote the “Designing for iOS 7” chapter in iOS 7 by Tutorials.

    Jeremy is the founder of Tapity, which has made Grades 2 (a 2011 Apple Design award winner), and Languages (recently released, and got into the top 10).

    Jeremy is also a prolific writer and blogger – you can check out a recent series he posted about designing and marketing Languages.

  • Rod Strougo

    Rod Strougo

    Rod Strougo wrote the Performance chapter in iOS Games by Tutorials.

    Rod is an iOS developer and instructor at Big Nerd Ranch. Rod is also the co-author of the popular book Learning Cocos2D.

Tutorial Team Members

Each year we try to get a mix of returning authors and new authors from the Tutorial Team. Here’s who’s involved this year:

9 Returning Authors

  1. Charlie Fulton (iOS 6 by Tutorials)
  2. Matt Galloway (iOS 6 by Tutorials, Essential Objective-C)
  3. Jake Gundersen (iOS 5 by Tutorials, iOS 6 by Tutorials, Platformer Game Starter Kit)
  4. Ali Hafizji (iOS 6 by Tutorials)
  5. Matthijs Hollemans (iOS Apprentice, iOS 5 by Tutorials, iOS 6 by Tutorials)
  6. Felipe Laso Marsetti (iOS 5 by Tutorials, iOS 6 by Tutorials, iOS App Development LiveLessons)
  7. Cesare Rocchi (iOS 5 by Tutorials)
  8. Marin Todorov (iOS 5 by Tutorials, iOS 6 by Tutorials, Cocos2D Video Course)
  9. Ray Wenderlich (iOS 5 by Tutorials, iOS 6 by Tutorials, Space Game Starter Kit, Learning Cocos2D)

7 First Time Authors

  1. Christine Abernathy (Tutorial Team Member)
  2. Soheil Azarpour (Tutorial Team Member)
  3. Colin Eberhardt (Tutorial Team Member)
  4. Greg Heo (Editor)
  5. Chris LaPollo (Editor)
  6. Pietro Rea (Tutorial Team Member)
  7. Chris Wagner (Tutorial Team Member)

We hope you enjoy the returning authors, and give a warm welcome to the first time authors! :]

And A Status Update…

The book is coming along well! Currently we have all chapters of both books submitted, and are about halfway through editing.

When the NDA lifts, we’ll send anyone who’s preordered the book an advance copy of what we have ready so far – and then we’ll send you the finished version as soon as it’s ready.

A reminder – time is running low to preorder the new books and snag your $10 off discount! This deal will expire once the NDA lifts, so preorder now!

Ray Wenderlich

Ray is part of a great team - the team, a group of over 100 developers and editors from across the world. He and the rest of the team are passionate both about making apps and teaching others the techniques to make them.

When Ray’s not programming, he’s probably playing video games, role playing games, or board games.

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