Learning Cocos2D Book Giveaway!

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Our Learning Cocos2D Book is Now in Print!

Our Learning Cocos2D Book is Now in Print!

Rod Strougo and I are pleased to announce that our book Learning Cocos2D is now in print!

It’s an amazing feeling to see it finally in print! It’s always been a dream of mine to write a book, especially about game programming!

We hope this it’s helpful to many of you and that it inspires you to make your own Cocos2D games on the App Store.

I received a box with a bunch of copies from our publisher, so you know what that means…

Mad loot for you guys to thank you for reading this blog! :D

Show Me The Loot

Like the pre-release book copy giveaway, it’s really simple to enter. All you have to do is write something in the forum discussion for this post!

This time the suggested topics are (pick 1 or more):

  • Your favorite game
  • What you’d do with your life if you were rich enough not to worry about money
  • An iPhone rap

Next Tuesday, I’ll announce the winners, who will each receive a free copy of the book.

I’ll pick 1 winner for the best entry for each of the above topics, 1 random winner, and 1 winner for whoever has the highest post count on the forums (not including forum mods, sorry guys!) – so there will be 5 winners in total! :]

If you already bought the book, feel free to enter anyway – if you win, you can give the extra copy to a friend!

How’s The Book Doing So Far?

Rod and I are extremely excited to see the book is doing incredibly well so far. Currently it is #1 in the Game Programming category on Amazon.com!

Learning Cocos2D Book: #1 Game Programming Book

Not only that, but the first printing of the book has sold out (5000 copies!) Our publisher said this is pretty rare to sell out this quickly – it’s only happened a few times in the past.

And for all of this, Rod and I have you guys to thank! Your support and encouragement is what has made this book possible, and we feel incredibly lucky to be part of such an awesome iOS community.

You guys are truly one of a kind!

Where Can I Get The Book?

In case you aren’t feeling lucky (or want another copy), here’s some links for where you can get the book:

Feeling Lucky?

I thought I’d wrap this post up with a picture that our previous winner Isaac was kind enough to send me:

Learning Cocos2D Book Prerelease Copy - in Italy!

Isaac is from Italy, and this is an awesome picture of the prerelease copy being enjoyed in style – candlelight, wine, a Mac, and Learning Cocos2D – what could be better than that? :]

I’m looking forward to giving away some more copies to you guys to thank you for your support!

As a reminder, here are the suggested topics:

  • Your favorite game
  • What you’d do with your life if you were rich enough not to worry about money
  • An iPhone rap

Please add your entry to the forum discussion below – can’t wait to see what you guys come up with! :]

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