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How To Make a Game Like Flappy Bird

Jan 20 2016 · Video Course (2 hrs, 35 mins) · Beginner

Have you ever played Flappy Bird and thought “I wish I could make a game like that?” Well, now you can! In this series, you’ll learn how to make a polished game called Flappy Felipe, about a happy pink Mexican bird. Your game will include a mini physics engine, collision detection, score tracking, polish and “juice” and much more. By the time you’re done, you’ll have a game ready to submit to the App Store! This series has been updated to include information about GameplayKit, Apple’s game building framework. You’ll learn how to use game states and randomization; plus, you’ll discover how to implement the entity-component architecture. Please note, this is not a GameplayKit series.


  • Swift 2, iOS 9, Xcode 7


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Find out what's covered in our How to Make a Game Like Flappy Bird in Swift video tutorial series.


Learn how to create a Sprite Kit project and add the background.


Learn how to move the ground from right to left to make it look like Felipe is flying through the air.


Learn about GameplayKit by adding the star of the show, Felipe.


Learn more about GameplayKit by adding obstacles to the scene.


Discover how to add physics bodies to your sprites.


Learn how Game States can help keep your code organized.


Learn how to add a simple method for keeping score.


Learn more about Game States as you add a main menu and tutorial screen to Flappy Felipe.


Discover the power of NSUserDefaults for storing and retrieving players' scores.


Learn about SKTextures and how to animate your sprites.


Add juice to your game to help set it apart from all the rest.


Learn how to port your existing iOS game to tvOS / Apple TV.


Version history

iOS 10, Swift 3, Xcode 8

Mar 14 2017

iOS 9, Swift 2, Xcode 7 (Selected)

Jan 20 2016