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Introducing Stack Views

Jul 13 2015 · Video Course (1 hr, 7 mins) · Beginner

Stack views are a great new introduction in iOS 9, allowing you to create horizontally and vertically arranged stacks of views without having to touch Auto Layout constraints. They’re super-simple to use, and have great support in interface builder – you’ll be building amazing layouts in no time at all.

In this series you’ll learn everything from the basics of stack views, through building complex layouts and animation, to using UIStackView in code. If you aren’t up to speed with Auto Layout, you should check out our Auto Layout series.


  • Swift 2, iOS 9, Xcode 7


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Find out what's covered in our Introducing Stack Views video tutorial series.


Learn the basics of stack views by building one using interface builder.


Learn how to nest stack views to easily build some complex layouts without using complicated auto layout constraints.


Learn about some of the more advanced configuration options available within a stack view so that you can build the exact layout you want.


Learn how easy it is use animation with stack views to create slick looking animations for your app.


Learn how to use stack view from code.




Review what you learned in this series, get a few more tips and tricks for using stack views, and get your final challenge for this video tutorial series.


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