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Beginning iOS 10 Part 1 Getting Started

Nov 7 2016 · Video Course (1 hr, 52 mins) · Beginner

Looking to learn iOS 10 from the ground up? This series will walk you through the process of creating a simple game in Xcode using Swift 3 and by doing so, you'll be introduced to the variety of tools and technologies used to create apps for iOS 10. This course assumes no prior app development experience but you will need to have a working knowledge of Swift.


  • Swift 3, iOS 10, Xcode 8


3:38 Free

This video introduces you to the world of iOS and will walk you through the process of making a game from the ground up.


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11:29 Free

This video introduces you to the world of iOS and will walk you through the process of making a game from the ground up.


People hold things in different ways and phones are no exception. Learn how to incorporate orientation into your app.


Controls allow users to interact with your app. In this video, you'll add some controls and have users update your app with them.


Adding controls isn't enough. They often need to be updated to reflect any changes in your app which you'll do in this episode.


If something changes, a good way to notify the user is through the use of alerts. This video will show you how to do that.


One screen will only get you so far. Users expect lots of them. Thankfully, iOS makes this easy to do.


It only takes a few images to turn a dull app into the talk of the town. In this episode, you'll learn about images and how to work with high resolution screens.


The web is everywhere and your app is no exception. This video covers the process of embedding the web into your app.




iOS works on a lot of devices with different screen sizes. This overview will introduce you to some of the tools to make your user interface adapt to them.




The simulator provides an excellent test ground for your app, but to see how it really performs, you must put it on a device. This video will show you how.




Congrats! You made it to the end of this video series, but in this video, you'll come to learn, like most things, it is actually just the beginning.


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