Cocos2D Book Giveaway Winner!

Ray Wenderlich
Giveaway of an advance printed copy of our upcoming Cocos2D book!

Giveaway of an advance printed copy of our upcoming Cocos2D book!

It’s time to announce the winner for the Cocos2D book giveaway!

I was overwhelmed by the response for this contest – I expected about a few entries, but nowhere near this amount – 181 entries!

I feel really lucky to be part of such a great and supportive iOS community, thank you to everyone who entered (and for all of your kind words)!

And without further ado…

The Winner Is…

Isaac is the winnah! Isaac was selected completely at random, but for fun here’s his winning post:

Animal is my preferite muppet!!!

Isaac, I’ll be in touch so I can mail the book to you pronto, hope you enjoy! :]

Gratuitous Bonus Winners

Although I only have one copy of the book to give away, I wanted to do something nice for you guys since there were so many awesome entries.

So I’m going to give out a bonus prizes for some particularly funny and interesting entries, in the form of a geeky sticker like these!

Bonus Prizes: Geeky Stickers!

The winners will be sent their choice of a sticker (I have these and a ton of others to choose from). Drum roll please…

Most Delicious Breakfast

Aeroplane wins the award for Most Delicious (but also messy) breakfast with the following:

I like bacon and banana sandwiches with a little bit of tomato sauce 
(but not too much mind). I try not to get crumbs on my mac, but it can 
be hard not to. I could do with a usb powered mini vacuum cleaner to 
get the bits out between the keys on my keyboard and on the little 
rubber seal at the bottom of the screen - it's impossible to remove 
the bits from there! Is there a way? If I won the book, I'd be very careful
not to get any crumbs on it and especially no tomato sauce, as that 
might cause me to misread parts leading to code errors and I don't 
think XCode has a warning for that.

Dontcha hate when that happens? ;] But some foods are just worth the risk… :]

Best Taste in Muppets

mak wins the award for Best Taste in Muppets with the following:

Muppet-wise, I like Rowlf.

How can you beat a classy dog with piano skillz? Here’s one of my favorite of Rowlf’s songs: I Hope That Somethin’ Better Comes Along :]

Most Talented Xcode Poet

scottreynolds wins the award for Most Talented Xcode poet with the following:

Quenching verbosity
Like spring rain to a flower
Xcode completion

There were a lot of other great haikus too, maybe we should team up and all write a book on Xcode poetry! ;]

Where To Go From Here?

And that concludes this Cocos2D book giveaway. If you won the book or a sticker, I’ll send you an email to get your address to send you your loot.

And if you didn’t, stay tuned, hopefully I’ll run another once the book gets out in the stores! If anyone has suggestions for what to do for the next contest, let me know :]

Thanks again for everyone who entered! :]

Ray Wenderlich

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When Ray’s not programming, he’s probably playing video games, role playing games, or board games. Weekly

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