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Advanced Networking with URLSession
Part 1: Upload Data, Background Downloads & WebSockets Introduction
— iOS & Swift

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Introduction to the Advanced Networking with URLSession course.


Hello hello! Welcome to the Advanced Networking with URLSession course. I’m Felipe and I’ll be your instructor as we take a look at more advanced functionality available for you in the world of networking.

If you’re joining from the Beginning Networking with URLSession course, welcome back!

This course picks up right where that one left off and will expand on those concepts, so if you haven’t looked at that course I suggest you take some time to complete it first, or skim through its contents if you feel comfortable enough jumping to the Advanced course.

My apps and projects are now much, much cooler thanks to new features I’ve added that leverage URLSession and being able to connect it with the internet.

There are some things, however, that I’m still struggling with. Some requests are not going through, there’s no real-time factor to my networking operations for back and forth communication. I also don’t know how to upload data to a server or communicate with an authenticated resource.

This is precisely what this course will covers, and by the end I’ll be able to do all of those things in my apps, and so will you!

Part 1 of the course will cover uploading data, performing background tasks and downloads, and WebSockets.

Part 2 will cover authentication, App Transport Security and cookies. Unfortunately not cookies that we get to eat :P

Let’s get this show started and dive even deeper into the world of networking and URLSession.